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Chrissy Lundgren is proving that her passion, regimen and transformational results are making her one of the latest in demand trainers. Her original fitness program, Burn It Off By Chrissy, is about to launch online and take 2018 by storm for those looking to improve themselves in the new year.

Born and raised in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, Chrissy initially thought she wanted to be an actress and dancer so she moved to Los Angeles to pursue the dream. After a few acting gigs, she realized that acting wasn’t the right fit for her when she realized all she wanted to do was go to the gym and focus on helping others.

Chrissy’s big break into fitness came when she completed the lengthy audition process and landed the job of trainer for fitness entrepreneur Tracy Anderson. For three years, Chrissy worked with many celebrities and people from all walks of life. She then went on to be the head trainer at Body By Simone for two years. She was the head trainer, developed her own client following, and became inspired to start her own program, Burn It Off By Chrissy, so that she could focus more on clients individual needs and help them reach there fitness goals.

Chrissy has since become a tour de force in the fitness world. She was a guest trainer for the popular MoveInterActive at Pulse Fitness Studio with Derek and Julianne Hough. Chrissy has also been pictured in US Weekly training one of her clients, Emmy Rossum. Her high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout is dance-cardio based with a mix of weight training and core work. You can find Chrissy both in the studio, and doing private in home sessions. She has also trained her clients via Skype and FaceTime when they are on set or out of town on business. She is so excited to bring you these amazing workouts that you can access at your convenience! Get ready to Burn It Off!



  • HIIT

  • Weight Training

  • Core/Abs

Cities Served

  • Los Angeles

  • Online: Skype or FaceTime

  • In-home Training

Other Info

Chrissy is involved with charities such as ASPCA and Movember. She also helps the homeless and helps provide communities with their living necessities.

Chrissy resides in Los Angeles with her husband and still enjoys dancing when she is not training.

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