What's going on in fitness - a Trainer's perspective

By David C. Hernandez, Personal Trainer, Los Angeles

The fitness world is changing and I think for the better. The sharp increase of internet accessibility, has allowed the average person endless health and wellness resources and it seems they are willing, more than ever, to become avid students. People are actively researching the benefits of healthy eating and physical training and there is no shortage of fitness experts willing to share their knowledge. Though the information is ever flowing, there are a number of things that you can't obtain from just following a cookie cutter program.

Technique needs to be carefully critiqued and critical analysis of numbers need to be monitored in order prevent plateauing. Trainers and coaches force clients to be honest and accountable with their behaviors and habits. I think the need and demand for fitness professionals has gone up and with the vast list of trainers and coaches, finding the one that makes the most sense for an individual and their personal needs and goals is easier than ever.

His new book and techniques, gives everyone the opportunity to create a winning program at Bodies. People have fewer and fewer excuses to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle, so make sure that you also do some homework. Ask your trainer questions and make sure that you find someone who listens to your goals.

Make sure that you hire a professional, verified and certified personal trainer to get you started on your fitness program.

David C. Hernandez, Personal Trainer

Welcome our newest personal trainer, David C. Hernandez! Raised in southern San Jose, California, David eventually made the decision to pursue acting as a profession. The American Academy of Dramatic Arts proved to be an excellent fit to nourish the growth of his art. David was able to stretch his boundaries as an actor through the rigorous curriculum and also found he had a talent and fondness for stage combat. David is an accomplished actor, fighter, instructor and fight choreographer. David is also a Certified Personal Trainer and is ready to train you to be "film ready" with his 🌟Film Fight Fitness 💪🏽 program! Ready for your movie close up? #BodiesTrainer

Contact us for more details on how you can book one of his unique workout programs.


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