Our Group Training or Collective Soul Balance Classes are available for 6 or more people and are designed to restore and strengthen your body. We offer different kinds of classes that vary from gentle yoga, flow yoga, and other specialty classes. We also offer these programs from a beginner level to a more experienced level of Yoga, to ensure everyone’s needs are being met. So, grab a few friends and come see what our classes are all about.


Below are the classes we offer:

Gentle (All Levels)

Gentle yoga with safe, simple, postures. Ideal for beginners, physical limitations & injuries. Prenatal+


Basic Flow (Level 1)

A complete basic yoga class with postures & breathing techniques for all new and returning students to build a strong foundation and refine alignment.


Mixed Flow

More dynamic sequences and more advanced poses start to be taught to build more strength, stamina, and mobility. Adjustments are given to deepen or to modify depending on the individual’s needs. Our mixed classes build on the foundations of the Basic classes and are open to a variety of levels. These classes may include inversions and arm balance postures.


Kundalini (All Levels)

Powerful yoga for rejuvenation, stress-relief and healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.


Candlelight Stretch (All Levels)

A gentle, relaxing series of yoga stretches. Friday includes a guided meditation. Prenatal+


Yin/Yang Yoga Mix (All Levels)

Active Yoga mixed with calming Yin Yoga poses. Yin yoga is a quiet natural self-healing practice. The Yin yoga approach helps us develop an inner calm. Learning to stay in a pose for minutes at a time trains the mind and body to become calm and endure distraction, both physical and mental. Incorporating yin yoga as a supplement and/ or compliment to our current practice will help in restoring balance. This practice is for the beginner, athlete, dancer, martial artist, and experienced practitioner alike.


Restorative (All Levels)

Deep relaxing yoga poses using the props to provide you with a rejuvenated body and relaxed mind. Like a nap, but better. Prenatal+


Intermediate Flow and Restorative

A dynamic flow yoga class combined with deep restorative yoga poses. All students will love this one!


Healing Flow (All Levels)

Vinyasa flow yoga with Yoga Therapy. Realign the body and open the mind up to its ability to heal. Great for beginners, injuries, or anyone looking to refine.


Guided Meditation

Series of healing instructions given to mind to clear the way for a deeper and conscious emergence of the inner-self into a peaceful presence that is required for the unveiling of the unlimited creativity.

Group Yoga


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